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plant a SARK seed

So, I’ve talked about discovering SARK well after her height of popularity. But still, her concepts and inspiration ring true at any time. The magic of an artist’s spirit soars beyond society. 

Some SARKisms I jotted down in my notebook:

“I believe we need to go to where we want to be, and the resources will follow us.” ~ SARK, Inspiration Sandwich

WRITE IN COLOR…use a sketch book as a journal and my old scrapbooking markers to journal, make lists, collect quotes and draw/doodle little flowers and random patterns.

INVENT NEW WAYS OF BEING…reflect on how my life has changed since practicing The Year of Nurturing

I HAVE A LOT TO SHARE WITH OTHERS…Writing is therapy – without the appointment

WRITE MY BOOK…only I can 🙂

What do these concepts mean to you? How can each help to bring your creativity to the forefront of your LIFE??

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a pic a poem a day: day 10 (I’m a slacker)

Yikes! It’s April 21 and I’ve only posted 10 poems and 10 pics. That’s slightly shy of a poem and a pic a day, eh? It’s not lack of writing. It’s just lack of formatting, uploading and posting.  Too bad, so sad? Well, here we go again…


Inspired again by SARK, I began a list of words that intrigue me … I think it’s poetic just scribbled in my notebook this way. What do you think?

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Copyright Mary Jo Campbell, 2012


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Don’t Think NOW…Reflect Later

SARK says, try more things without thinking so much about them. 

Here’s a list I came up with:


Calling an old friend

Asking a new friend to coffee

Randomly pull things from your fridge to make a soup

Start a blog

Start a diet

Share a journal


Try a new restaurant

Write a poem

Compliment that stranger

Write about that thing

Steal a kiss

Hit SEND/Publish/Post/Call/Reply

Host a theme party

Sign up for something

Say YES!

Tell the truth

Register for Zumba

Watch a foreign movie

Speak up among friends

Speak up among co-workers

Invest in yourself

See & follow the signs

What am I doing w/o thinking? PUBLISH NOW!

(How about you??)

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A Letter to Things

In my pursuit of pleasure & following my theme of Nurturing, I’ve jotted down some thoughts on a recent read. Check out the post that explains here>>

First up…a letter to things 🙂

Dear turquoise peace pants,

Firstly, I love your teenage color and cost (ala Target). The soft interior lining has me almost delirious with coziness. Almost. Because, I bought a size too big, you sag around my pouch and booty (hey, that can be a song!) instead of snuggly holding me in. I feel all loose and floppy. Then, the leggings seem to taper (hello, 80’s, much?!) if not a straight leg.

I expected a yoga pant fit. I mean, you’re throwing up a peace sign, man.


But, again, your softness and color make me smile. So, I’ll keep you.

Lazily yours,


(what my family calls me)


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Pleasure at every turn

I may just be the last woman on Earth to have read SARK, but better late than never, right? Though her wildly colorful handwritten books are attractive to my creative psyche, it was visual overload for my right brain and hence, went unread for so long.

Thanks to my library, I picked up and finished Eat Mangoes Naked in 1.5 days. And here are some thoughts I jotted while reading:

  • Letters to things, emotions, problems, etc. i.e. “Dear Change”
  • Pockets filled with puffs of pleasure
  • Instead of a “good time,” have “a time” (release expectations, fall into the experience)
  • Face Value: take comments and replies from others (and myself!) @ face value (If you say “nothing’s wrong” I will not persist, read into hidden meanings, etc.)
  • Receive without guilt or pause/Give without keeping score
  • Let go of the need to “be right”
  • Go somewhere DIFFERENT to find pleasure
  • Be someone’s SIGN (random left notes)
  • Tell my soul’s stories
  • Be OPEN
  • Cuddle babies
  • Pay attention to Angels
  • SMASH judgment
  • Prompts: random memories; There was no reason___; Did you ever___; How did you__; All of the signs___
  • Try more things without thinking so much about them first
  • “Send out” pleasures
  • Remember past pleasures

I have a few posts written and ready to publish soon, based on many of these thoughts.

Until then, I leave you with a quote / question:

“Tell me what it is you plan to do with your one* wild and precious life.” ~ Mary Oliver

*huh, I originally typed “won wild and precious life.” Do you feel like you’ve won your life or were just dealt your life?


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