2012: The Year of Nurturing

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Every Year, I name my year, give it a theme – so as to better visualize, focus and keep moving forward.

This year…

  • I will nurture my children with hugs, kisses, love & undivided attention –
  • I will look at them when they speak to me and I will encourage their curiosity, honesty, creativity, silliness & emotional well-being.
  • I will nurture my husband with sweet, encouraging words, quality time/attention and support in his goals and ours as a couple and family 🙂
  • I will nurture my body with nutritious meals, clean eating/drinking habits, daily exercise and strength training, dress my body in clothes/accessories that make y spirit happy and inspired!
  • I will nurture my mind with outdoor walks, scheduled meditation/journaling/quiet reflective time.
  • I will nurture my creativity by releasing old beliefs/doubts/negativity through ACOA reading and therapy
  • I will nurture my dreams by dreaming, recording, journaling, believing in myself – beautiful, nurturing self-talk and centering.
  • I will nurture my relationships with my family (parents/siblings) by first making myself strong through therapy and self-work so I can express my opinions clearly and calmly without feeling threatened or guilty.
  • I will nurture my writing by setting clear, realistic, simple goals and by Writing.Every.Single.Day.

So, what’s your word?


Interested to hear HOW I’m going to accomplish all this mushy nurturing? Well, keep coming back. Or better, subscribe!


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3 responses to “2012: The Year of Nurturing

  1. Love this. Why is it so hard for us sometimes as women, moms, writers to nurture ourselves first? We’re always ready to “be” something to someone in our lives…and sometimes we just need to be. I’m looking forward to hearing how your year progresses!

  2. You’re right, Kristine, it is hard. Time to make a focused effort. I already put my nurturing theme to work by snuggling up with a SARK book and gleaning many insights I plan to post here : )

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