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  1. Debbie Krygeris

    Hi Mary Jo,

    Just wanted to let you know I started my fiction writing unit this week. So, Monday I used the sixth sense cards from the writer’s toolbox. The kids in my class loved it…oh my gosh, I don’t think they realized they were writing for over an hour. They wanted to keep going and going and going with the pass along stories. It was great. Yesterday we did a version of it too because they wanted too. I’m in a training class today, but tomorrow I’m going to work on the emotion exercise we did in our little workshop. I’ve been working on how to structure this unit, but I think what I’m going to do is work through the different components of fiction and then hopefully with all of our exercises they’ll have a spiral full of ideas and then be able to produce at least one full story by the end of May. Anyway, just wanted to give you some feedback. Will let you know how things keep going this month.


    • YAY! Debbie that is awesome! I’m so exicted to hear how the exercises are working for your students. And the enthusiasm? Fantastic! I’d love to read their stories when they finish next month. Keep me posted : )

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