YIPpEe! *sigh* YIpPEe! *sigh*

Isn’t that just the life of a writer? A roller coaster of emotions. Pride. Doubt. Elated acceptance, devastating rejection. Rush of ideas, drought of nothingness.

Sometimes we need to dig deep within to find that inspiration to go on, keep writing, keep showing up at the page. And sometimes, we can use the successes of others to push us on. Live vicariously through their book deals, accepted articles, killer interviews and growing blog hits.

It’s Karma, baby. Give to receive. Cheer on your fellow writers. Praise their triumphs. Soon enough, they will be praising along with you on yours.

I have a writers group at my library which meets twice a month. Here I get the surge of creativity for my fiction.

I also belong to an on-line community of fellow writing moms, all of us “graduates” of Christina Katz‘s on-line course “Writing and Publishing the Short Stuff.” This is where I can post my to-do list for the week, note my accomplishments and fess up to my distractions. We have a great team where we bounce ideas around and alert each other to new markets, and ask the elusive “When is the right time to follow up on that query?”

Then I have my young writing students. Of course I don’t moan about my shortcomings to them. Instead, I gain the confidence I need by instructing them to “never give up.” Listening to the purity of their new and unique voices gives me the writing butterflies in my belly again.

I recently signed up to participate in NaNo. Through the site and through the local meetings, I’ve met more writers, all aspiring to reach the corners of the Earth with their own voice, their own stories.

So, find your writing family! Climb in the front seat, buckle up and enjoy the ride!

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One response to “YIPpEe! *sigh* YIpPEe! *sigh*

  1. Wow…you’ve got some real momentum going! I keep thinking I’d like to join a writer’s group, but at this stage in my life, I feel like my time is so limited, I’d rather just spend that time writing.

    Though I think that may shift when my youngest goes off to school. 🙂 (Can somebody say HALLELUJAH??)

    I’m looking forward to cheering you on during NaNoWriMo!

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