“If you want to know your past – look into your present conditions. If you want to know your future – look into your present actions.” ~Chinese Proverb

I was so uneasy last night. Maybe not just uneasy, but irritated, aggravated, unsettled.  In the car on the way home, the radio news tells of a woman who posed as her 15 yr-old daughter to go back to high school and try out as a cheerleader! That is just absurd.  Then the news at home is hashing out the aftermath of two major banks going bankrupt. Not to mention news still trickling in from the weekend warpath of Hurricane Ike. Russia is building bombs, Israel wants us to give them some. What is going on?!

Does anyone else feel depleted from the news around us? The rising food and gas prices? The decreasing jobs?  All the while our presidential candidates are all but putting on costumes and dancing on Broadway, this damn election has become so dramatic. Who’s in charge here?

Well, enough of my rant. Has anyone seen “Into the Wild?”  That idea is looking better and better each day.  But, before I traipse my family through the country on God’s good graces and end up living in a bus on a tundra in Alaska (huh, Alaska!)  I decided: take deep breath, hum the “om” sound and release it all.

As the proverb above says, today’s actions will determine your future. It’s OK to get all freaked out from time to time, right? As long as we step back, look at the happenings right before us and start small. Baby steps. Little changes. Positve attitudes. Random acts of kindness. It may not solve the financial and global crisises, but it will solve a few bitter moods.

Now, use your own rants or beliefs and write an essay for “This I Believe.” They’re a paying market and they’re on my list to target!


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