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Stephen King Gave Me Permission

created by Mark A. Hicks, illustrator.

I just finished reading On Writing, by The King of Suspense & Horror. Gleaned many little tidbits from his experienced words. I’ll share them with you, sprinkled here and there.

But the statement that stuck with me, giving me back my (writing) mojo was this: King asks

Are you waiting for someone to give you permission to take time for reading and writing all you want?

Well, here it is. Your official permission to do it!

I’m taking that permission and running with it! How?

“Reading” via audio books every day on my commute to and from work (about a 2hr round trip ordeal)

Writing down ideas as they hit me – in the car, walking, lounging with family. I simply excuse myself or pull out my mini notebook and pen and jot images, situations, what if’s, quirky snippets of dialogue.  I also need to put my portable audio recorder to use again ; )

RE-Writing my novel draft – one scene at a time. I’m currently on week 3 of a 6-week course REVISE FOR PUBLICATION, taught by Jordan Rosenfeld. So far – I’ve learned tons on the process of breaking down the novel and how to search for and fill the holes, how to dislodge and dump the extraneous details (and even characters!) and how to make backstory work by weaving in threads instead of quilting on big gaudy patches.

Reading a few books every time I get a few minutes alone (before bed, before morning shower, etc.) I’m reading in the genre I’m writing: YA Fiction, as well as Rosenfeld’s writing reference book: Make a Scene

The result of this permission granted time? I am super psyched about my novel again, ideas are ramming into me left and right and I’m dreaming nightly and waking up with vivid pictures to record. I feel alive again. I feel like a writer again.

Are you waiting for permission?

By the power vested in me (ala’ Stephen King) I hear by grant you permission to WRITE! READ! and WRITE some more!


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