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6 Ways to Use Twitter to Promote Your New Book

When it comes to writing styles, Twitter and book writing are about as far apart as an author can get.However, Twitter can be a very natural way to promote a book. Not only is the
Twitter audience a reading-friendly one, unlike, for example, YouTube,
but many of Twitter’s features naturally lend themselves to promoting a
book.So, if you’re interested in promoting your book or eBook on Twitter, here
are a few tips that can help get you started expanding your readership
140 characters at a time. Short Username, Short Book Title

One of the defining characteristics about tweets is that there isn’t a lot
of room. Since you know you’re going to want to include your book’s
title and retweets/mentions will include your name, you need to keep
those as short as possible to leave more room for the message.

Short one-word book titles work best, but any title that can be abridged to
under 10 characters is a good start. The same goes for your Twitter
username, which should be short, but clearly representative of you.

Find Others and Engage With Them

It’s important to note that Twitter is not a purely promotional medium.
While you can easily promote on it, since others get to choose what
messages they want to hear on Twitter, you have to make sure that you
are engaging with other users as you are promoting.

Use the Twitter search function to find people who are tweeting about
topics related to your book an engage with them. Follow the, @reply them
and generally interact with them. Build a solid follower base and
continue to engage them even as you promote your work.

Being a marketing-only channel is a great way to ensure no one listens to what you have to say. Some suggest following a 20-to-1 rule for tweeting to avoid being viewed as a spammer.

Use Hashtags to Build Community

Hashtags, which are keywords prefaced by the “#” symbol (EX: #ebooktitle), are
short terms used to “tag” a tweet. They are instantly linked to the
search results for that hashtag, making them an easy way to build a
connected series of tweets.

When promoting a book, your title might make a great hashtag if it is short
enough. Failing that, you can abridge your title in a way that is easily
understood. The idea is to find a tag that is unique to your book and
that those who talk about it can easily find others who are talking
about it and further participate in the conversation.

Find Tweetable Content

Odds are your book has quotes and short phrases that, on their own, are
provocative, interesting or discussion-worthy. Tweet those quotes out
along with your hashtag and a shortened link to your book’s landing

The idea isn’t so much to turn your tweets into advertisements for the
book, but to get others talking and thinking about what it has to say.
That will help spread your book’s message, along with its link, all over
Twitter and encourage your audience to promote your work for you, even
if they don’t realize they’re doing it.

  Hold a Contest or Promotion

Contests and promotions, generally, do very well on Twitter and are a great way
to get retweets of your posts and spread your message to a new audience.
All you need is a good reward, a tweet for others to share (retweet)
and a way to determine the winner or have others redeem their reward.

If you’re promoting your book, you can easily give away an autographed
copy of your book or something related to your book such as an hour of
free consulting or a free DVD.

Alternatively, you can also offer a discount to anyone who retweets your post, for
example, 15% off a copy of the book for those who send out a notice to
all of their friends.

The better the prize or the better the discount, the more people who will participate. Just be sure to follow Twitter’s guidelines for holding a contest to be sure you aren’t shut down.

Track and Monitor Results

Finally, as with any promotion, it’s important to track and monitor results.
This means setting up a landing page just for your Twitter efforts,
tracking visits to that page and sales from it.

This will enable you to understand how your efforts are going and how you
can adjust them moving forward, enabling you to continue to improve as
time goes on.

In the end, Twitter can be a tough environment for a marketer as it
involves a lot more than merely blasting a message out to the masses.

However, with a little bit of effort, some planning and some creativity, you can
find a very receptive audience on Twitter that may be more than happy
to buy your book.

This post was written by Lior Levin, a marketing adviser for a cancer center that specializes in  targeted cancer therapies, and who also works for the international MA in political science department at the Tel Aviv University.

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