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Commit to 3 (goals)

I’m back, baby!

I completed my circuit training 3x this week and worked on my novel’s Matrix revisions, though that is still in progress, plus, I responded to a parent regarding my Summer Writing studio, though I still need to send an announcement to my entire young writer email list.

I changed my salary and instead of a pedicure bought: Revising & Self-Editing by James Scott Bell and Italian Phrasebook by LonelyPlanet (for my novel!)

How did you guys do last week?

This week, I commit to:

  1. Get up early to circuit train 4x
  2. Send Summer Studio announcement via email AND contact two local publications for advertisement
  3. Find an exercise in Revising & Self-Editing to apply to Half Moon Bay novel

My Salary:  Two hours of uninterrupted writing time on Saturday morning at the library. *happy dance*

What’s on your plate this week? You’d be surprised what you can accomplish just by writing it down!


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Commit to 3

Check in Time!

Last week I began the series Commit to 3 (read the deets here.)

I completed 2 out of 3, as of this writing. Funny how I thought I was aiming too low. Wake up call. But, as committed, I kept my promise to pay myself, despite falling short of my goals. Deep red nail polish topped my manicure ; )

So, here are my goals for this week:

My Commitment to Me
I commit to:
1.__Send in Cricket Phone Rebate forms
2.__Unpack and get familiar with D3’s new insulin pump
3.__Submit “short story” to Glimmer Train (Jan 31 deadline)

My due date is:
_Sun. Jan 30
My salary is:
_make appt for cut & color

What are your 3 goals for this week? And, more importantly, what is your salary??


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