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Is it Planning – or Procrastination?


“Life is too short to waste. Dreams are fulfilled only through action, not through endless planning to take action.”  ~ David J. Schwartz, Trainer and Author

“Transformation isn’t a future event, it’s a present activity.” ~ Jillian Michaels, Fitness Guru, Author of “Unlimited”

“Planning is nothing but procrastination in disguise… Failure doesn’t come from poor planning – it comes from the timidity to proceed.” ~ Scott Ginsberg, “The Nametag Guy”


These are just a few quotes I reread daily to get my head in check. I am THEE Queen of lists and planning to a fault, I now realize. Overplanning, procrastination, over-responsible, not finishing projects: these are all traits of ACOA’s (Adult Children of Alcoholics) yet I struggle with denial. Anyone else do this?

Once I push past the “preparation” that pulls on every. fiber. in. my. being, I actually get a lot of real work done. For me, this means writing new or revised scenes for my LAKE-RESORT Novel. This Sunday, I sat on my patio in the gorgeous fall weather and wrote long-hand 8 notebook pages of  a pretty tense scene between my teenage protag and her estranged mother. The key for me? Don’t over think it and don’t work on the computer (the internet is called the Web for a reason!)

How will you push past the planning and onto productivity today? Share your tips and tricks!


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-able Minded

 Scott Ginsberg, AKA The Nametag Guy, has a theory on the universe. Sounds heavy, huh? It is and it isn’t. Having a theory on the universe can be quite simple really: decide what it is and make it so. Ginsberg has many ideas on creating and implementing a mindset – specifically when it comes to business success. Writing is a business. Creating for a profit is a business, and you’d be wise to have the same attitude.

Ginsberg invited his readers to come up with their own “theory on the universe” as it relates to increasing profitability. Profitability can mean more money coming in than going out, but I think it can also mean more creativity, ideas and spirit coming in than going out. Don’t expend more than you’re taking in from the world.

So, my theory is “Inspirationable.” Inspirationable means being an inspiration to others, and myself as well as being open to receive inspiration. Always.

The title of my blog states this attitude: Writers Inspired, which I try to make my daily motto: Inspire and Be Inspired…

  • As a writer…I aim to inspire my readers to think bigger, bolder and well, differently than they’re used to thinking. Profit: that all-time rush of “connecting” with the world outside myself


  • As a writer…I also absorb inspiration from books, music, nature, movies, others, and myself through daily observations. Profit: Creative well fills; soul soars!


  • As a teacher…I hope my lessons, casual workshop formats and open dialogue with my students inspire creativity and passion for writing and reading Profit: Creating the next literary greats from these nimble young minds, plus my workshops fill quickly * throws confetti *


  • As a student…I devour books, blogs, videos and classes to open my mind to deeper thinking and ways to utilize this new inspiration in my writing. Profit: my craft improves, my writing rings clear and my stories, articles and books get sold!


  • As a mom…my boys inspire me daily: to go with the flow, laugh at gross stuff, see people as they truly are – not who they pretend to be Profit: in tune with my inner child reminding me to be my authentic self, which kind of helps in the business of creating and communicating ; )


How Inspirationable are you? Maybe you have some other –able theory on the universe. Share!

To learn more about Scott Ginsberg and his latest book: -able, check out his site. I guarantee you’ll be inspired.


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