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a poem a pic a day: day 18

in the gutter

of my mind

my heart

my future

with the leaves of winter

wilted, mush, wet

cold and alone and swept

to the gutter

wash away last season’s regret

old ideas and conversations

rake out my fear

my anger

my pain

just don’t walk on by

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My Day of Play…

…actually turned into two days of play.

Instead of obsessing over to-do lists and deadlines and growing paper piles, I took 2 days off of “working” and played in the following ways:

  1. Visited a local indie bookstore
  2. Bought two books on writing: one for my writing students (Writing Magic, Creating Stories That Fly, by Gail Carson Levine) and one for my novel-writing self (A Novel in a Year: From First Page to Last in 52 Weeks, by Louise Doughty)
  3. Made a great local contact for my young writing programs.
  4. Was invited to a book reading and signing for mid-July
  5. Enjoyed a movienight on the couch with my husband by candlelight
  6. Made a  leisurely, healthy meal of whole wheat pasta, protein and fresh veggies for dinner
  7. Had a silly phone conversation with my brother
  8. Read books and “found” Waldo with my 5-year-old son
  9. Snuggled with my pet cockatiel, Comet
  10. Listened to my 10-year-old son practice his cymbals
  11. Breathed deeply
  12. Discussed some of my volunteer projects with my husband and made a decision about work load going forward
  13. Answered an email to my Ireland writing pal about our goals and summer plans.
  14. Laughed
  15. Watched a zillion episodes of iCarly with my boys
  16. Found a new FANTASTIC blog for happiness (come back tomorrow for more on this)

After all these things, I’m pumped to get back to work and excited about new prospects.

So, how did you play?


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Monday Muse

Have you ever left your house with all the good intentions of returning in twenty minutes? I’m not talking about running to the bank or returning a rental. I mean walking out and breathing the fresh air, intent on finding your muse.

I am an avid planner, to the point of it being a sickness. Some of you may wish for an organized mind or schedule, but it comes with a price. Overload. I take on too much; my brain spins in multiple directions; my tasks multiply with every “yes, and then…” new idea I have. The sounds and lights and people swirl around me like an out of control twister and I picture jumping feet first into a deep dark body of water to drown out the world, my mind.

Refresh. Just like the curly cue arrow at the top of our computer screen, I need to Refresh.

So, I left my house intent on finding inner peace, calm and, if lucky enough, my muse. Twenty minutes into my walk, my mind is still conjuring up upsetting conversations, impossible requests and the week ahead with all its tasks. So, I kept walking. Finally, breakthrough. Characters crept into my mind. Titles and words that excited me. Plot twists and thoughts of November and the thrill of writing a novel in a month (even if it’s just a mad dash to capture floating words and reach a word count goal.)

Then, I come back, somewhat refreshed, having walked in the twilight and inhaling the sweet summer air. But all these new ideas, this lassoed muse: what do I do with it? When can I use it? There are lunches to make, work clothes to iron, kids to tuck in and the day job to wake early for.

But then, I refresh my email and find a small answer: “The Five-Minute Writing Career.” Will I use my minutes to blog and surf, Twitter and respond? Or will I follow the real reason behind all the  busy work – – and Write?


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