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a poem a pic a day: day 15

Pat^tern*s & Tex+tur’es

BUMPY ~   lacey ~  smooth

Silky@  SCRATCHY @ stitched

grainy ^ marbled  ^veined

FloRAl *  gauzy  * translucent

granite # plaid # gingham

crisscross + quilted + weave


rivets % grooves  % cerAMic

platinum ` stainless steel  ` wavy

curvy ~ loopy ~ rough

soft $ fluffy $ grainy

ripples > ragged >> raw edge

beveled ; linoleum ; pergo

paisley | puffy | leather

pleather } plastic }  rust

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a poem a pic a day: day 14

Childhood Times

Few worries

overflowing curiosities

Imagining, drawing, singing,


Laughing , skipping,


Gentle play and toys to build

Make Believe

We’ve been telling stories all our lives with soldiers and Barbies and pretty ponies;

with dress-up frocks

plastic guns and cars that roll


                                                         and drop


                                                                                                             into space

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a.p.a.p.a.d. day 6


Yesterday my name was First Born

Tomorrow my name will be Butterfly with Sticky Timid Wings

In my dream my name was Free Bird floating above fields of Dancing Flames

My Mother thinks my name is Ungrateful

I call her but she no longer knows My Name.

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April: National Poetry Month

npm_logo_2008_final  April is National Poetry Month and I believe I will challenge myself silly by trying to write a short poem a day. I cannot promise that I’ll be sharing my creations here, but maybe with enough coaxing, you can convince me.

Poetry is that form that puts fear in my heart and makes my fingers fumble on the keyboard. But, I forget that poetry was what started this passion for writing back in the 3rd grade. Sister Mary Donald was vigilant in her quest to have every 9-year-old become the next Yeats, Frost or at least Seuss.

Well, I’ve challenged my 10-yer-old son to write me a poem today while home on Spring Break and promised I’d do the same for him. Hmm?  Anyone have a meter they can spare?

If you’re up for the challenge:

More details can be found at http://blog.writersdigest.com/poeticasides/

The Poem-A-Day Challenge. April 1st through 30th at Poetic Asides.

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