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NaNoWriMo: NEVER give UP

“Many of life’s failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up.”

Thomas Edison

Pluggin’ away…still under goal, but hopeful

Have you guys tried WriteorDie ? Seriously. I wrote 835 words in 22 minutes, then 929 words in 30 min, THEN 658 words in 16 minutes.  Kind of like having that old nun over your shoulder with a ruler at the ready…

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NaNoWriMo: Half-Way Point!

When I was a kid and we’d make the 2.5 drive from Chicago to Dowagiac, MI for weekend getaways, the whole car load of us would “hoot” when he passed the half-way point. Think of old school Arsenio Hall’s “woot-woot-woot!” with the fist in the air.

So, my fellow NaNo’ers – lets’ Woot Woot Woot! even if you’re not at the desired 25,005 word count, you’ve made it through 15 days of NaNo Mania!

And, for my wager on words yesterday:

Yesterday’s Word Count: 3,297 !!! just shy of the 4,000 goal I had, per Liz ; )

cumulative: 17,770

Mood: Delighted, hopeful, loving the mess that is my novel again! Till next time…

Check in: How are all of you doing? Anyone make it to th half point intact? Are there any NaNo’ers out there who’ve already “won?”

P.S. I’m Super Stoked about getting to meet one of my fav YA authors tonight: Laurie Halse-Anderson. Hoping to get SPEAK and WINTERGIRLS signed 🙂


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NaNoWriMo: Day 11 recap

word written: 1294

cumulative count: 14473

where I should be: 20,004 by the end of Day 12 (ha-ha-ha-ha! Yeah.)

what is getting in my way: Twitter, NaNo site, emails, my kids, my husband, my own inner editor. (WTH? I told her to go on VACATION!)

writing to the tunes of: The Cure, The Ramones (though I had to skip them on my ipod, almost had a seizure after like song 4…)

plans to get caught up: attend a Write In on Sunday: 1-4pm. Wanna take bets on how many words I can write in these three blissful hours? Cast your vote! It will help to motivate me!!

And…why don’t you commit to a hefty word count goal for this weekend? Tell us your goal! We’ll send the flying monkeys to attack if you don’t reach it!

Onward mighty NaNo’ers!!


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Deep breath, Ommm

So, now that you know NaNo can bring on the freak-outs, we need to get you to a happy place.  Meditate if you must, but here are some other tips to let go of the panic and just go with the flow:


  • read a book outside your normal genre (broadens your capacity for story ideas and styles)
  • listen to music and soak up the sounds and lyrics (seeps into your creative soul)
  • review some books and blogs on personal narrative or personal essays (wide range of topics can spark a theme for your novel)
  • flip through the lifestyle and letters to editors sections of your local paper (ask what if? try to see the story from another angle – enough material to write a novel?)
  • read On Writing, by Stephen King. Just do it. It will start a fire in your belly for writing again.


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OK, don’t freak out

I’ve been hearing from writer friends and e-friends who have decided to take the 50,000 word challenge (a.k.a. NaNoWriMo) and they’re freakin out already.

“Don’t concern yourself too much with how you are going to achieve your goal – leave that completely to a power greater than yourself. All you have to do is know where you’re going. The answers will come to you of their own accord, and at the right time.”

Earl Nightingale, 1921-1989, Syndicated Radio Announcer and Author

The whole theme of NaNo is to be free. Create. Go wild. Write without ceasing. Did I forget to mention the most important aspect of NaNo? NO EDITING IS ALLOWED.  I’m not kidding, we have people watching you and they will find out if you hit backspace, delete or cut – and the punishment is hefty fines and could lead to imprisonment.

Don’t worry, the words will come…



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7 Steps to NaNo like a Champ


Step One:

Decide you’re going to it. Sign up, read the FAQ’s Page, find some buddies, complete your profile. OK, that’s like 5 steps in one, just trust me.

Step Two:

Tell everyone you know you’ll be writing a novel in November and not to count on you for PTA meetings, dinner parties (hosting or attending!), prepping your high schoolers  for mid-terms, changing diapers (infants or seniors), cooking, cleaning, showering. You get my drift. However, please remember to use bathroom breaks and occasionally swish with Scope (not just coffee.)

Step Three:

Brainstorm! You’ve already fantasized about writing a novel, now you’re going to it. You need an idea or two. You can begin with a character: human, zombie, alien, animal? What are they like? What do they want? Who or what will stop them? OR, like the Master of Horror suggests: start with a situation. (not, “The Situation”) Victim gets revenge, Boy finds secret porthole to the past, Woman desperate to have a child turns to desperate solution. Still with me? Why? Go jot down your ideas!

Step Four:

Map it out. Writing 50,000 words in one month takes a lot of energy and a plan. The rules say you cannot begin writing your novel before the clock strikes Nov 1, but mapping out an outline, character sketches or a plot arc will give your journey focus. (That and  a lot of caffeine!) For a ton more helpful tools/links, click HERE

Step Five:

Schedule it! My theory is “write it down, get it done.” If it’s on the calendar, you are more likely to commit and submit (as in “Yes, Master Novel, I will write thee.”) Take out a calendar of November and survey the dates you’ll realistically write.  Fro instance, my birthday is on the 5th (hint-hint: I love Dunkin Donuts coffee, cool bookmarks and tons of Post-Its!) and my husband and I usually go away for a few days, which means I devote my time to him, not the novel. Also, if you’re in the US, Thanksgiving weekend can be a bonus or a burden. WARNING: some math involved. So, decide now which days/hours you can sneak away from family and turkey to write. Then, calculate the days you can commit, divide that number into 50,000 = the number of words you must write each scheduled day of writing to reach your goal. Example: I can commit to writing 25 days in Nov.  So, 50,000 / 25 = 2,000 words a day, which comes out to about 6.5 pages typed, double spaced. Ugh. Sorry I did that now. *bangs head*

Step Six:

Assemble your supplies: your notes; worksheets on characters, plot, scenes, etc; index cards, pens/pencils, working computer (to “validate” your novel on Nov 30, it must be uploaded into NaNo’s magic word counter, hence, must be typed – better to write directly on your computer) SAVE YOUR WORK!!!!! (gratuitous reminder). Keep your fav. drink nearby, along with snacks, tunes and something to distract your brain, eyes and hands for brief breaks.

Step Seven:

Reward yourself! Little incentives go a long way. Deciding to write a novel and actually doing it, separate the mice from the literary geniuses ; ) So, when you reach your daily goal, treat yourself to a latte or spiced green tea, or a new notebook, or a walk through the leaves, or a few hours of Jersey Shore reruns (or Hell’s Kitchen or What Not to Wear–my personal guilty pleasure!) Remember – baby steps.  Chip away at that novel one word at a time. Then repeat 50 thousand times. *wink*


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Are you ready to NaNo?

Right about this time is when the crisp fall air buzzes with that Novel Writing energy:  National Novel Writing Month.

Do you have what it takes to set aside doubts, fear and discriminating inner voices and WRITE without abandon for 30 solid days, racking up 50,000 words? Yes, 50,000. An entire novel in one month. No editing, revising, researching allowed. Just melding your muse to the page.

It takes courage, it takes a plan – it takes a village. Not really, but support from other NaNo’ers does help get you through those plateaus.

Will you join me and thousands of others worldwide?

Sign up today! And make me your “buddy”

 “Act as if failure is impossible, and your success will be assured. Wipe out every thought of your not achieving your objectives, be brave and set no limits on the workings of your imagination.Anonymous


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