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2012: The Year of Nurturing

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Every Year, I name my year, give it a theme – so as to better visualize, focus and keep moving forward.

This year…

  • I will nurture my children with hugs, kisses, love & undivided attention –
  • I will look at them when they speak to me and I will encourage their curiosity, honesty, creativity, silliness & emotional well-being.
  • I will nurture my husband with sweet, encouraging words, quality time/attention and support in his goals and ours as a couple and family 🙂
  • I will nurture my body with nutritious meals, clean eating/drinking habits, daily exercise and strength training, dress my body in clothes/accessories that make y spirit happy and inspired!
  • I will nurture my mind with outdoor walks, scheduled meditation/journaling/quiet reflective time.
  • I will nurture my creativity by releasing old beliefs/doubts/negativity through ACOA reading and therapy
  • I will nurture my dreams by dreaming, recording, journaling, believing in myself – beautiful, nurturing self-talk and centering.
  • I will nurture my relationships with my family (parents/siblings) by first making myself strong through therapy and self-work so I can express my opinions clearly and calmly without feeling threatened or guilty.
  • I will nurture my writing by setting clear, realistic, simple goals and by Writing.Every.Single.Day.

So, what’s your word?


Interested to hear HOW I’m going to accomplish all this mushy nurturing? Well, keep coming back. Or better, subscribe!


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Commit to 3 (goals)

I’m back, baby!

I completed my circuit training 3x this week and worked on my novel’s Matrix revisions, though that is still in progress, plus, I responded to a parent regarding my Summer Writing studio, though I still need to send an announcement to my entire young writer email list.

I changed my salary and instead of a pedicure bought: Revising & Self-Editing by James Scott Bell and Italian Phrasebook by LonelyPlanet (for my novel!)

How did you guys do last week?

This week, I commit to:

  1. Get up early to circuit train 4x
  2. Send Summer Studio announcement via email AND contact two local publications for advertisement
  3. Find an exercise in Revising & Self-Editing to apply to Half Moon Bay novel

My Salary:  Two hours of uninterrupted writing time on Saturday morning at the library. *happy dance*

What’s on your plate this week? You’d be surprised what you can accomplish just by writing it down!


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Guest Post & Book Giveaway: Accidental Cowgirl: Six Cows, No Horse and No Clue

Mary Lynn Archibald

Today we have memoirist, Mary Lynn Archibald, visiting Writers Inspired to share her tips on speaking in public. As authors, we need to prepare for connecting with our readers in real time, not just through our written words. Not only does Mary Lynn offer her insight, but one copy of her latest book, Accidental Cowgirl: Six Cows, No Horse and No Clue to one lucky winner. Just leave a comment or question for Mary Lynn to be entered in the drawing (US residents only, please. Drawing ends at midnight tonight!)

Carl dreamed of wide open spaces…think Bonanza here…while Mary Lynn dreamed of gardens overflowing with flowers, elegance and thoroughbred horses…think Town and Country here. Accidental Cowgirl is the tale of their search for the perfect retirement spot and the unexpected place they ended up calling home. When they purchased Twin Creeks Ranch their dreams were quickly replaced by a reality of ornery irrigation systems, calluses, and wild turkeys. And that was just the first week!

If you’ve ever found yourself smack dab in the middle of a wacky adventure or even just wished for a wacky adventure, don’t miss the tale of this couple who went from city dwellers to cowhands with the signing of a deed.  Will they survive? Will the cows? Would you?

Accidental Cowgirl was declared a finalist for three awards: the Next Generation Indie Book Awards for Humor, the Next Generation Indie Book Awards for Memoir, and the National Best Book Awards (NBBA) for humor.

I Have to Speak? Managing a Successful Author Appearance

First of all, practice your speech until you can make it in a relaxed and confident manner. Bring notes. Practice your hook. You do have one, don’t you? Remember, you’ve only got a few seconds to get them on your side and reel them in.

Bring books, pens, posters, business cards, bookmarks, postcards, and whatever else you’ve dreamed up for on-the-spot sales and marketing. Let the group sponsoring the event know well ahead of special needs like a screen, podium, easel or microphone.

Make sure there’s a table by the door where you can display your goodies, and a table where you may sign books. If possible, bring a friend to collect money while you schmooze. Have them collect names and e-mail addresses, if possible, but one should never be pushy.

The questions I’m invariably asked when speaking to groups of writers (or would-be writers) fall into these general categories:

  • When did you decide to write Accidental Cowgirl, and when and how did you get into writing?
  • What is your writing process?
  • What is your editing process?
  • How did you publish?  What kinds of costs were involved?
  • What kind of marketing have you done?
  • What awards have you won and how did you come to win them?

If you’re speaking to a small group and you have oodles of time, you can make a stab at answering them all, but for large groups, I usually only manage to answer the first couple in any detail.

But all is not lost (though you should have answers ready for them all, just in case). I tell my audience that I cover these and other interesting subjects in my “Art of Memoir” classes, announce the dates, and let them know there is a signup sheet at the back table, where I will be signing books after the program.

Bring interesting props. As the story is true, I bring a photo album, and since my book is called, Accidental Cowgirl: Six Cows, No Horse and No Clue, I bought a kid’s hobby horse at the dollar store, and take it with me whenever I speak, saying, “This time I brought my horse.” It’s a good ice-breaker.

Dress professionally, but don’t overdress for the crowd. If they wear jeans, you wear slacks. If they are wearing dresses, perhaps a suit is too formal, but leave that flowered number at home. Wear something a little businesslike, and in a color that flatters your skin tones. Too much jewelry is distracting, especially if it jangles.

Last (and this is my personal preference), control that hair, and let them see your pretty face!

© 2010 Mary Lynn Archibald

Mary Lynn Archibald is a freelance editor and copywriter, and the author of two books: Briarhopper: A History, a memoir of one woman’s life from 1913-1945, and Accidental Cowgirl: Six Cows, No Horse and No Clue, a lighthearted personal memoir of a greenhorn’s life on a small cattle ranch. Her forthcoming memoir, due out in early 2011, deals in part with her life as a San Francisco chorus girl.

Remember…Leave a comment for a chance to win!

Accidental Cowgirl: Six Cows, No Horse and No Clue.
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My Blog has been nominated!

I just found out that my blog has been nominated on Editor Unleashed’s 25 Best Writing Blogs by one of my followers, Kim from Zook Book Nook.
So, I thought, what the heck? I’ll ask for votes from all my readers ; )

But please hurry! The most nominated blogs will be sorted on September 1st!

Editor Unleashed 25 Best Writing Blogs

You can nominate your favorite blogs in the comments section on this post. Then, on September 1, I’ll sort through the nominations and post the most nominated writing blogs and put them up for a vote. Voting will continue for 7 days and the 25 Best Writing Blogs will be posted here September 8, along with a profile of each blog.

The blogs will be chosen by category and the top 25 will include five blogs from each category.

Please include the following with your nomination:

• The blog hyperlink
• Why it should be included in the Editor Unleashed 25 Best Writing Blogs
• What category you’d like to nominate the blog for. The 5 categories are:
Fiction Writing
Freelance Writing
Marketing & Social Media
Publishing Trends

Feel free to nominate your own blog. And may the best 25 blogs win!

-Maria Schneider

Thanks so much for considering my blog among the Top 25 Best Blogs for Writers!


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