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Holiday Gift Guide for Writers

 The Holiday Gift Guide for the Writer in Your Life

With fall already in full swing, the holidays are right around the corner bringing with them the promise of cooler temps, mistletoe, carols and a holiday pastime you could do without…shopping.  There’s nothing like the jam-packed parking lots and bargain shoppers fighting over the last item on the shelf to get you feeling the joy of the season.  Then add in the fact that you have to give that special writer in your life something to show them just how much they mean to you, and the process doesn’t become any easier.  However, with this list of holiday gift suggestions you are sure to wow your writer and earn the reputation of the best holiday gift-giver ever. 

Give a journal or notebook.  Even though most writers in today’s age prefer to write on a computer, writers are always coming up with ideas so a journal or notebook to jot down their inspiration would still be a great gift option.  Pick one that is small and something that they can easily carry with them on the go.  Of course, this doesn’t mean to go to Target and just grab your standard black and white composition book—make this gift special by choosing one that is unique.  Give a legendary Moleskine journal and if you want to do something that shows just how much thought you put into it…get the recipient’s initials put on the front.  {Editor’s Note: Some swear by Moleskine, I prefer Black n’ Red for rough drafts and notes on ongoing projects. I also love those cheapy hardcover spirals you can find at the dollar store or Michael’s for daily journaling, inspiration and collecting quotes and musings}

Give music.  When in the writing zone, a lot of people like to listen to some good tunes.  So when considering holiday presents, think about adding music to the list.  Depending on their taste and musical preference, you can choose something that will really inspire.  You can go with a cd, an album purchased on iTunes or even an iTunes gift card. {Editor’s note: Another fun and FREE idea is to create a personalized Radio Station on Pandora, then send the link to your writing friend!}

Give a special pen.  Again, computers may be the most popular writing method, but a nice pen makes a nice gift.  Writing using a keyboard is faster but many writers will agree that writing with a pen and paper can make their work all the more enjoyable and fun…allowing them to stop and savor the feeling of writing, inspiring new work.

Give a good book. Often if someone is deeply involved in writing, they are also deeply involved in books and a new read would make for a wonderful present.  There are so many options with this idea…you can purchase a book for pleasure, to inspire, to give a writer a break from his or her own work to study the literature of others, and even a book about writing is great too.  Find out their favorite genre or author and choose a book that is sure to impress.  {Editor’s Note: I have my favorite writing books, such as Page After Page (Sellers) and How to Write the Breakout Novel (Maas), but on my wish list this year are: The Writer’s Workout, Christina Katz and The Marshall Plan of Novel Writing, Evan Marshall}

Give a writing class.  This is the writer’s gift that will keep on giving.  Take to the internet to search for available writing courses.  Most cities offer such classes at local colleges, but your best bet may be to find an online course.  This makes for an untraditional gift that can really help a writer to hone their craft and brush up on details like grammar, punctuation, composition and descriptive writing skills.  {Editor’s Note: If you have a young writer that lives in the Chicagoland area, consider giving a gift card for my Summer Studio Workshop; if you have a writer who longs to teach or a teacher who longs to write, I have an Amazing online course starting in 2012! Email me for details and an early bird discount! Mjcwriter at Comcast dot net}

Give a digital voice recorder.  A recorder will be the perfect addition to any writer’s toolkit.  One especially great thing about this idea is that it won’t break the bank (Olympus makes a recorder for less than $60!).  When you have an idea that just pops into your mind and you have nothing to write on or are on the go, what’s a better solution?

Give a lap desk.  Working at a desk can get old and to really get the ideas and creative juices flowing, a change of scenery is a must—therefore, so is a lap desk.  Ideal for writing and curling up in bed and basically anywhere in the home, this handy and flexible alternative to a regular desk will be greatly appreciated by your writer.

Guest Post by: Cindy McDonald, author of this guest post is also a writer for Best Christian Dating Sites where she covers topics centered on online Christian dating.

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Mother’s Day Gift Ideas (esp. for mama writers!)

{photo: ancestry.com}Sure flowers are fragrant and beautiful. But they die. And chocolates are yummy, but are also counterproductive to almost all Mom’s trek on the healthy track. So,  why not gift that special mama writer something she’ll USE and LOVE?

Here are some suggestions I’d personally LOVE (wink, wink!)

  • Any books and /or classes by THE Writer Mama, Christina Katz. Click the link for complete details
  • Gift certificate to her favorite coffee or tea shop – THEN, pack her writing bag and set it by the door with a note that she has an afternoon (or evening) to herself and her muse…
  • Who’s her favorite author? Check out your local indie bookstores for similar titles. They may even have some autographed editions of a favorite book or collection. Personally, I have two fantastic novels on my wish list: Wintergirls, by Laurie Halse Anderson and Paint it Black , by Janet Fitch (read them both, but would like my own copies to peruse and study the craft of language and transitions)
  • A beautiful journal – but not too pretty that she’ll be afraid to write random “crap” inside. Because we all need a place to get the crap out, in order to find the gem of truth.
  • Heard of Writer’s Market? There’s a less expensive version I’m thinking of purchasing (specifically for short fiction, essays and poetry): Literary Database to find, submit and track stories, poems and more.
  • Something funky, cool or even homemade for her desk. Get creative! (think: alternates to pencil cups or bookmarks or push pins or  file organizer)
  • How about some inspiration she can put her hands on? I’m giving away my collection of motivating/inspirational quotes. All typed in a single word doc, I’ve been collecting quotes from known and unknown to blog about, write about or even ponder over. ENTER to win:
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I will randomly select 4 winners – the more entries, the better your chances! I’ll scoop up the entries and send the packet of quotes to you via email on Saturday, May 8, in time for Mothers Day!


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Holiday Gifts for (Budget-Wise) Writers!

‘Tis the season. Well, some of us have already starting (maybe even finished) shopping. But, there is always room for more gift ideas – especially for WRITERS!

And, because I’m budget-conscious, these are listed by $ categories, The more “$$” the pricier the gift.


All the buzz…Kindle Who has one? Do you like it? I’m an old-fashioned “love the feeling of manually turning pages” kind of girl, but this device is really piquing my interest. Especially for those who read multiple books at any given time….Cuts down on the bulk if you brings books to the gym or on trips.

Bookcases: What writer has enough space for all their books? I know I could use several more bookcases. Of course we all have our own decorating and organizing style, so don’t leave this purchase to chance. Browse on your own and send Santa a link to your top choices!


Digital Dictionary: We all need to look up the proper spelling or definition from time to time, or just find that word that perches on the tip of our tongue. Everything’s going electronic – why not Websters, too?


The Writer’s Toolbox: This little kit is so much fun for projects you are beginning or stuck on. Use the sticks for First Sentence Prompts, Non Sequitur Stick to get your characters or stories moving in a new direction and the Last Straw stick to create a “dramatic arc.” There are several other tools in this toolbox to inspire creativity and get you writing until The End.


Subscription to the new ezine for mother writers: The Motherhood Muse. If you sign up for the free newsletter now, the first issue of this ezine is FREE. Learn how to reconnect with nature: both Mother Nature and Human Nature, while inspiring your inner muse to write and mother from a natural center. (check out my column: Into the Wild!)

T-shirts and other writer-wear: We can’t just thrust our manuscripts in strangers’ faces, but we can declare our literary greatness by wearing it on our sleeve (or chest, or back!)


Sketchbooks: for jotting down ideas, character sketches, or taping and stapling scraps of notes you have lying around your desk and in your wallet or purse.

Spiral Notebooks: I like the inexpensive though sturdy Mead Trapper notebooks. They come in cool colors for organizing different writing projects and hold up nicely against the perils of mothering young children.

3×5 Notecards: either ruled or non-ruled, these bad boys get me through my scattered or frenzied plot points and character descriptions. I keep them in my car, purse, notebooks and novels I’m reading – ya never know when inspiration will strike.

Bookmarks: very cool, unique ones found here.  And here. And here.

Gift cards from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Borders or (my favorite) your local indie bookstore.

For my recc’s from 2008’s gift ideas, click here.

Have any ideas to share – please shout it out!


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