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“So let your deepest desires direct your aim. Set your sights far above the ‘reasonable’ target. The power of purpose is profound only if you have a desire that stirs the heart.”

Price Pritchett, Author of You2

Let’s get real here. What does your writing time look like? Email checking for 10-15 minutes, Google Reader for another 30-40, Facebook and Twitter catch-up, about 45, not counting the links you click, the Youtube videos you watch. OK, how does all of  this relate to writing?

“Well, networking,” you say… honestly?

“Market research”…really?

“err, character studies?”…seriously?

Maybe, all this e-time is a way of dancing around the big flabby elephant in the room? Lack of focus – or better, lack of desire on the “direction” you think you should be heading. Maybe your writing has stalled because you’re not interested in the writing you are told to do. Told by the markets, by your writing friends, by your checkbook.

Now, ask yourself: what do I LOVE about writing? What about writing makes me come alive?

Some may answer – I love the research process – having a question and finding the answer through multiple sources and then adding my angle and sharing with others to educate or entertain.

Maybe you feed off of the latest trends in fashion, products, techy stuff or even celebrities. You talk and write with an up-to-the-minute urgency.

Perhaps people interest you: their plight, their achievements, their journeys. You have a knack for interviewing and pulling the emotion and true essence of a story out.

Or, like me, thinking, wondering what if? The process of  melting characters and situations together in a newly formed world gives you a pure adrenaline rush. Fiction is your drug, your “fix.”

OK, what do you do with this discovery (or re-discovery?) Don’t follow the path your fellow writing friends are on. If they say writing for ezines is where the exposure is, or the hottest articles now are on baby boomer topics, take a stand. Break free and take aim towards that path that makes you come alive – fills your belly with fire, makes your hands tremble to get the words out.

Turn off the internet. Go, write! Write in the direction of your heart. The words will flow again. I promise!


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