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Persistence, Not Luck

“When I thought I couldn’t go on, I forced myself to keep going. My success is based on persistence, not luck.”

Estee Lauder ~ 1906-2004, Entrepreneur



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I don’t ever play the Lotto, even the Scratch-off. Maybe because I don’t like to gamble. Maybe because I find it difficult to pass over hard-earned dollars for a card that MAY or may not hold the answer to all my problems.


I don’t believe is there is one answer. There are a lot of little answers, the way I answer the call of the early a.m. alarm to workout; the way I answer to my 7-year-old’s storytime vs. Facebook time; the way I answer the nagging questions about plot and character developement in my novel.

Little answers = little steps + continued momentum forward = SUCCESS

How about you – Are you pushing through with persistence?

This week, I plan to:

  • Complete 4 exercises in Writing the Breakout Novel workbook.
  • Send welcome packet to Summer Studio students
  • Resistance train 4 x (2 upper, 2 lower)

Share your climb with us!


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“You never know what you can do…”


… until you have to do it.”


Betty Ford ~1918-2011, Former First Lady and Founder of the Betty Ford Center

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Are you in awe of others’ accomplishments or their grace under fire? Maybe they’ve written a controversal essay. Perhaps they stood up to the bossy parent on the PTA.  Maybe they’ve let their teenager make his/her own poor choices without stepping in.

What about you – Do you ever wow yourself?

I feel living in the present and stretching myself to grow, try new things, say “yes” to experiences that scare me, all contribute to my authentic self. Sometimes, situations present themselves that are out of our control. Yet, we have to push through. We dig deep to find the courage or compassion or skill we didn’t think we possessed. Until today.

What have you done lately that you didn’t think you could do? If it’s been a while since you impressed yourself – plan an adventure this week. Do something that scares you! (In a good way, of course. I’m not condoning holding up a convenient store or picking up a hitchhiker.)

This week, I plan to:

  • Do 2 workouts a day (a.m. and p.m.) and commit to resistance training 4x (2 days upper body, 2 days lower body)
  • Get purple highlights in my hair – I’ll post a pic when it’s done!
  • Start looking for my dream cottage

Share your adventure – past or present – with us!


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