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Tuesday Museday

How about non-writing related images, sounds and experiences that lend to our writer’s muse?

First up, a young (14 yr-old!) student of mine, Melissa S. has written her own song (music and lyrics!) and sings and plays the piano in her YouTube debut. I think the chorus is mesmerizing and the lyrics inspire ideas for my teenage heartbroken protagonists. What do you think? Leave her a comment of encouragement!


A party for your tastebuds! Have you tried Honeycrisp apples? OMG – yum! The tangy yet sweet crunchy goodness floods my mind with images of autumn: Golden and crimson leaves, deep blue-gray skies, fattened squirrels and bunnies readying for hibernation, creepy time via Halloween

 And the ordinary becomes extraordinary… “Flipping ” through my digital photos via Kodak EasyShare, I found a number of interesting images my 12-year-old son, David captured with my camera. His artistic eye caught usual images in unusual shadows, light and context.  Try looking through your pictures for the unique. Or better, hand your camera off to child who will capture magic for your muse!


Watch the pendulum…you are getting sleepy…you are clicking SUBSCRIBE…you are gleefully under my spell..you are sending chocolate and pumpkin spice lattes to me…


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What I learned this week…

Through surfing the net, posting on other blogs and scanning Twitter, I will post each Friday the valuable lessons I’ve learned about writing, marketing, teaching and living : )


  • Just linked to this great post by Thursday Bram, who will be blogging daily this month on how to market yourself. Be sure to bookmark this and come back daily through July. Great tips on building your niche.
  • Yesterday I pounded the pavement in downtown Downers Grove getting to know the community shop owners and passing out flyers on my Young Writers Summer Studio: I met some helpful book sellers at Anderson’s BookShop, the manager at My Favorite Toy Store and an eclectic artist at Poe*m Art House (get out there and get to know your neighbors!  Support local vendors and they will reciprocate!)

Organizing/Time Management


  • Earlier this week, I posted about hitting the  “refresh” button on your writing career. I urged everyone to take a day or two to just “play” and refresh their well of creativity. I found that my kids are a huge source of fun and inspiration for my writing; my husband helps me to focus on my true writing and teaching goals and to by-pass the busy work and fluff; and being outdoors fills me with hope and peace.
  • I also stumbled upon this amazing blog: The Happiness Project. I’ve added this to my favorites and have been reading archives here daily. Author Gretchen Rubin has her own set of Ten Commandments and urges others to create their list of 10, as well. Dont’ we all need a little more happiness in our lives?

Thanks for stopping by Writers Inspired.  Please share what you learned this week in writing, marketing, teaching and life!

Happy writing!


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I’m in the news!

It’s not what you know, but who you know…

Well, almost.  As a writer, I’m also a promoter, an advertiser, a teacher and a speaker.  You pretty much have to be to get noticed in this industry.

My  work with young writers in the community has been noticed and highlighted in a recent column by friend and fellow writer, Joyce Tumea.

Check it out: Downers Grove Reporter

What are you doing to promote yourself and your writing?


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“Not the maker of plans and promises, but rather the one who offers faithful service in small matters. This is the person who is most likely to achieve what is good and lasting.” Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe

With another presidential debate on last night, this quote is pretty relevant, don’t you think?  So, who is making plans and promises? And who is providing faithful service?  Of course, as both candidates stated, we need to “look at what the records show.”

What do your records show about you and the promises or plans you’ve made?  Are they self-serving lofty dreams?

Don’t forget the small things we can do to serve. Serve ourselves, our friends, family, neighbors or community.

With the pleading of my 9-yr-old son, I began to serve the young writing community. I started a volunteer writing workshop for young writers, providing them a safe place to express their creative voices, share their works and learn the techniques to improve their craft. They had a blast! They wanted to barricade the door so their parents couldn’t drag them home. Talk about the satisifaction of working for FREE!

Well, that 4 wk summer workshop turned into a year long invitation to teach.  And…that turned into a paying opportunity.

I’m still volunteering, but also offering a more intensive Saturday workshop in the Downers Grove, IL area, beginning Oct 18-Nov 15.  If you have a young writer who may be interested, please click here.

If you have tips of your own or questions on how to give back – drop me a line! “It takes a village…right?”


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