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Help for Hump Day: Embark on a cleanse

Many changes in my personal life have reflected the changes I need to make in my long-term goals. I’m a planner, a list maker, a control freak, if I’m being honest.  I do not react well to others’ spontaneous decisions or a wrench thrown in my carefully mapped out plans. But, life doesn’t come with a map, rather a rough draft of right and left turns, with disappearing ink.

So, from time to time, I need to take stock and reevaluate my destination and plans for getting there.

Once again, I’m doing a cleanse. In the hypothetical sense.

Scrape and Dump the toxic people from my present life and past memories

Eliminate outside influences that are selfish and draining

Do more of what makes me happy: chick flicks, after dinner walks, lounging with the kids, reading novels and working on my novel revisions

Clear out paper stacks everywhere: Lesson plan ideas, articles on building better characters, writer’s guidelines, bios of agents and contest judges

Be a simple, silly, sassy girl again: lighten up! sing out loud! write really bad poetry and break all the rules. In fact, stop reading so many “helpful” blogs, magazines, sites and links. It’s becoming brain clutter!

Cancel all subscriptions. When I want to know, I’ll Google it.

Back to center. Start journaling more, moving more, breathing deeper, cleaner.

Break the mold, be weird. So what if others don’t get it. Stop trying to be a second-rate someone else and be the best me I can be. Remember the red polka dot pants. Wear them proudly!

Share information because I feel like helping, not because I feel obligated or want someone to like me/accept me, give me a gold star or a sparkling testimony. I’m a people pleaser to my own detriment.

Remember the children! Mine, especially. My boys, the reason I breathe, the inspiration for this list. Preserve my true authentic self: she is who *they love. (*they  includes the few young students who light up when in my workshops.)

How will you cleanse today? Any baggage you need to confront and toss out to the curb? Read baggage however it applies to you.


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