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O. M. G.

received this in my inbox last night…

“Have you seen the countdown clock on NaNoWriMo lately? The 2011 noveling extravaganza begins in just 13 days!…”

When did that happen?! Fear, panic, regret, excitement, nausea, giddiness, exhaustion, elation…

What are you feeling 13 days out from the BIGGEST. CHALLENGE. You’ll .ever. face?????

*frantically searching for plots, characters, settings, themes, titles – anything, people! Give me something!!*



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The One Month Challenge

Kind of a weird date to start a month long challenge, but regardless.  I have been preoccupying myself with all kinds of busy work: blogging, surfing other blogs and sites, bookmarking contests, markets and cool tools for writers.

But I have not been writing! Well, not as much as I’d like. So, I’m using one of the resources I stumbled upon and I’m challenging you to do the same.

The Organized Writer site offers great help in focus, streamlining the mundane tasks and sorting all the loose ends of a writing business: assembling a binder to hold all of your “stuff” so there is one central place to go to for ideas, submission tracker, query tracker, accounting, weekly goals, deadlines, etc.

Last night, while watching the Democratic Convention, I assembled my Organized Writer binder (subscribe to Julie Hood’s free newsletter and get the ebook “The Sidetracked Writer’s Planner” for free!) And today begins Day One of the challenge: to get my writing mind, space and files organized which will allow more free time for the actual writing.

I will keep a daily word counter here. Why don’t you join me in the challenge to get organized and get writing? It’s a great back-to-school commitment you can make to yourself!

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