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Find Your Authentic Self in 4 Easy Steps

If you’ve lost touch with the rest of yourself, find it, and then reclaim or develop it. You’ll be amazed and delighted with the results. ~Mark Sanborn, Author & Speaker

Maybe it’s my thirtysomething age, but I’ve been going through this self-discovery phase of my life. Finding out who I am by asking: what brings me joy? If you’re a parent, spouse, teacher or caregiver of any sort, you might not remember what brings YOU joy. That little burning ember in your heart that when given a bit of light and air can spawn flames of excitement and hope.  Is it there? Let’s find out!

Here are four paths I’ve skipped along on my journey to (re)acquiring my authentic self:

  1. READ BETWEEN THE LINES: These books are helpful in getting in touch with your true inner desires (joy!) (authenticity!) Your Heart’s Desire (ready to sign a contract to find your true desire?); Feel the Fear & Do It Anyway (Fear is the number one reason people stop instead of go…); Finding Your Own North Star  (I’m still absorbing this book, written with truth, respect and a heaping dose of humor) and Simple Abundance (oldy but goody, brings the simple pleasures to you in a daily format.)
  2. JOURNAL YOUR HEART OUT:  Your own words read back to you can be very telling. Telling you that the same reoccurring incidents or complaints bring you the same feelings of drudgery and boredom. But, also notice the instances when you’ve found excitement, joy – dare I say passion? in your journal. Take stock. Do more of those things.
  3. SEARCH THE STARS: Whether you follow astrology or not, there’s something to be said about our Sun signs: they are pretty dead on in describing our personality, which can aid in the search for self. As an intense Scorpio, I am a well-suited to write passionately about intricate relationships or the dark underbelly of human nature. This truly fits my writing and reading style. Pick up Sun Signs for Writers to discover how your sign can help you discover or recover the perfect writing career for you. Find your authentic “voice.”
  4. HAVE A Q&A WITH YOUR BFF: Who knows you better than your best friend? Be it your spouse, sibling, co-worker or highschool chum. Have a pow-wow and bring your questions of What am I good at?  ~ What am I known for? ~ How do I appear to others?  Or try these, suggested by Christina KatzAm I known for keeping things real?
    Am I known for my sensitivity and tact? 
    Their honest answers may rekindle the flame within. The flame burning for your authentic self.

Have you found your “authentic self” – or maybe you never lost her/him? Share with us!

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