a poem a pic a day: day 19


we laugh

we cry

we talk in movie quotes

we dream of owning a home

rocking on the porch with our teeth in a jar

hold my hand, so small in yours

hold my heart

so surrendered so long ago

our gems grow and glisten in their own light

it will be us

in the end


Well, day 30. I completed 19 out of 30 days. Not bad for a first shot at this a pic and poem a day. To those of you who write poetry regularly, I SALUTE you. Damn, it’s hard. But refreshing and emotional and soul-searching.

I’ll continue to search my soul… and maybe share those musings here in poetry form. But for now, back to our regularly scheduled program.

Was there ever one?? ; )


what did you think of the poetry month theme? and the pics to correspond? Wanna see more of this type on my blog? I nurture my creative spirit and tap into that deep dusty place where inspiration lies, but since I’m sharing it with the world, it’s only polite to ask your opinions. So, thoughts?

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