a pic and a poem a day: day 7

Patio Musings

Far off,  cars pass on 75th

rush, stop, turn

without signal

money goes out, rubbish comes in

Tree limbs dance around me,

over me,

on me

and my patio

smooth-and-bumpy stones of gray

and tan and white

gather, pile, spread

under the gray shadows that twitch

like patterned lace

slipping across the ground

slowing, swaying

cool, regal breezes ask for respect

change to an angry twirl can rip houses from their roots


Filed under Believe, Inspiration, Poetry

6 responses to “a pic and a poem a day: day 7

  1. Really great poem. We often forget the power of nature (the wind, the waves, etc), and get reminded by something like (your poem mentions) a tornado.

  2. thank you so much! I love everything about nature – the calm and the rage. It’s power humbles me.

  3. fivereflections

    very nice poetry… you must have a brave heart…

    you would enjoy the rocky coast, the thunder of crashing waves, and the salty spray of the north atlantic…

    David in Maine USA

  4. Wow, that’s a nice poem there!

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