April – National Poetry Month: a pic & a poem a day

a.p.a.p.a.d.? a poem and a pic a day. My goal is to post one of each a day for the month of April. Let’s just say we began on time, shall we? ; )

crappy writing disclosure: I’m far from a poet, but believe that writing begets writing and any kind of writing that focuses on thought, word choice, meter, rhyme and syllables can only strengthen a writer from any genre, fiction or non.  Let’s begin


Through cul-de-sacs at night

Dogs wagging, children dribbling

In driveways and streets and front yards

Open garages filled with everything but cars

Folding chairs, cigarettes, radio static

glow from T.V.’s

Trapped in media muck

While cool spring wind blows

Through my hair, my heart, my soul

Invoking the air guides



random thoughts, images and story ideas. I’m thinking of a brooding boy dragging on a cigarette in his parents’ garage, a plastic tumbler filled with an adult beverage. Maybe call him Augustine? What do you see? What do you REALLY see? write it.


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