O. M. G.

received this in my inbox last night…

“Have you seen the countdown clock on NaNoWriMo lately? The 2011 noveling extravaganza begins in just 13 days!…”

When did that happen?! Fear, panic, regret, excitement, nausea, giddiness, exhaustion, elation…

What are you feeling 13 days out from the BIGGEST. CHALLENGE. You’ll .ever. face?????

*frantically searching for plots, characters, settings, themes, titles – anything, people! Give me something!!*



Wanna follow my wild NaNoWriMo carpet ride for the FOURTH year? Subscribe! I’ll be ranting and raving all month long


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4 responses to “O. M. G.

  1. Tee G Ayer

    Good luck friend! I’m not sure I’m able to do Nano this year tho… November is the month from hell for me. Exams and work trips and birthdays .. Sigh! Will be cheering for you either way…Tee

  2. Wishing you much luck and success with NaNo. I chickened out, and the panic I felt reading your post reminds me why! 😉 I’ll be on the sidelines rooting you on.

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