5 Prompt Friday

    5 prompts to get your mind and pen moving:

  1. The parking brake was on.
  2.  Liam ran against the sleet, sheets of water breaking on his skin.
  3.  Her hands were small, nails bitten down.
  4. The park closes at sunset.
  5.  Mom would read from that journal every night.

What are you writing this weekend? Care to share a phrase, character or setting?


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3 responses to “5 Prompt Friday

  1. Nice prompts, young woman!
    As for what I’m writing this weekend, the usual rants about the modern traveler!

  2. Hello. Jumped over to your site from WOW! Women on Writing…love the prompts. I will definitely be following your blog from now on. And this past weekend, I worked on my novel…”Christmas by the Creek” Book 2 of The Whistle Creek Series.

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