Writing Prompt for the classroom

…or your room!

Your new Roommate!

My young writers’ group gets a kick out of this prompt*:

Fortunately, Unfortunately

They must start the first sentence of their story with the word Fortunately……. and the second sentence with Unfortunately….

Here are a few examples:

Fortunately, a large box was waiting for me on my porch when I got home from school.

Unfortunately, it contained a dozen wild spider monkeys who would now be living with me!

Fortunately, I made it to class on time.

Unfortunately, I was still wearing my pajama pants!

Fortunately, I won a $100,000 !

Unfortunatley, I am only allowed to spend it on diapers and beef jerky!

What silly or crazy stories can you come up with using Fortunately, Unfortunately? I may give a prize for the goofiest comment!

*This prompt shared by my writing buddy and fellow creative writing teacher, Stephanie. Check out her Young Writers’ Studio!


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2 responses to “Writing Prompt for the classroom

  1. Hi, Mary Jo!
    While I haven’t left a comment in a bit, I do enjoy reading your posts. This one, however, made me come out from the shadows. What a great prompt! I may use it with my ESL writing class tomorrow!
    Thanks for all the great ideas. I love using art or photos to inspire.

    • Linda, how sweet! Thank you! I’ll be posting more of these fun, simple writing games/exercises in the next weeks… Best of luck with your ESL group – I’d love to spotlight some of their work here on the blog, send me an email and we can discuss: mjcwriter at comcast dot net
      P.S. I Use art, photos, 3D objects and MUSIC to isnpire my students:)

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