5 Prompt Friday

First, I must ask for a moment of silence to honor our fallen American Idol comrade, Casey Abrams. I believe Casey possesses the whole package: an understanding of music: both history and theory; the IT factor to experiment and challenge himself and of course, the confidence that makes this red-headed, bearded guy “sexy” and charismatic. I’m not worried about Casey’s future – I’m sure we’ll hear and see from him again outside the American Idol realm. But, remember, as you write – Experiment and Challenge yourself; you don’t need to impress the masses, just your own circle of fans. Find them, be true to what they expect and love from you and you’ll have a following of loyal readers.

And now…

Prompts to motivate that pen!

  1. At the tone the time will be….
  2. “Squeeze my hand if you understand.”
  3. Inside the locket was a picture of…
  4. A sobbing child with smeared chocolate on his cheek.
  5. Beer here! Get your ice-cold Beer here!


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