Commit to 3 (goals)

 Last week:

  • Get up early to circuit train 4x – FAIL (though my 12-yr-old says no one over age 20 can use that term. To what I answer “What-EVER!”)
  • Send Summer Studio announcement via email (DONE!) AND contact two local publications for advertisement (NOT done!)
  • Find an exercise in Revising & Self-Editing by James Scott Bell to apply to Half Moon Bay novel- yes! Will post in a  future Reader Wednesday

 How did you guys do?

This week, deadline: 5/1/11

  1. Revise chapter 1 so I can send to my 3 new crit partners! Yay!
  2. Decide on our Wyoming trip and book it!
  3. Send email to my students announcing opportunity to guest post

Salary: haircut & color by Figen ; ) (already made the appt, should I post a pic when it’s done??)

What’s on your commit to 3 list this week?


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