Thankful Thursday

Some days/weeks it’s a struggle to come up with thankful thoughts.  So, I try to spin the negative into a positive…

Although my two boys are sick with the flu, I’m thankful I have my boys and happy I’m a mom

Although I had to scrape ice off of my car windows this a.m. (in APRIL!!) I’m thankful I have a car

Although I have to play catch-up (and cover for my boss) for missing work yesterday, I’m thankful I have a job!

Although I was up half the night with a sick child and slept through my workout time, I’m thankful I have a bed and a body that allows me to push it through weight and cardio circuits

Although I have manuscript that is far from the query stage, I’m thankful I have the energy and attitude it will take to get it submission-ready!

What or who are you Thankful this week, even if they begin with an “Although…”


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3 responses to “Thankful Thursday

  1. I am thankful for my family, even though having one is a lot of work. I love them all, and they are the best.

    Even though Easter means a lot of work because I coordinate a part of the children’s department of our church, I’m thankful that we can celebrate what Jesus did on Easter.

    Even though it’s chaotic when the relatives arrive, I’m thankful that we have them. They’re great!

  2. Although I often feel I married too early I am Thankful for my husband who has never swayed from supporting me although there has been times when he has complained I cam with a use-by date which he had no idea about….
    Although I sometimes complain I had kids too young I am Thankful that my beautiful daughters are intelligent and independent but still family oriented – and especially thankful that they are my friends…
    And lastly,
    Although I always regret not taking up my dream to write earlier in my life I am Thankful that I now have things I thought I never would: a MS on submission, a MS almost completed, amazingly wonderful network of writers who are dear friends
    I feel rich…

    • @Tee beautiful gratitudes! Especially that you never gave up on your dream to write!
      @Beth: you’re a busy lady and still hold it all together with a smile – such a positive outlook – I’m thankful for your comments 🙂

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