thankful thursday

Big Smiles!

Wow! Where did this week go? Thursday already?

And so much to be thankful for…

Quiet mornings when I can get up, workout and shower in peace

White Mocha Raspberry Lattes – oh, yes I did!

My 12-yr-old son coming to me with notebook in hand stating he’s in the mood to write. Something really long, like a novel. And then, our time discussing characters, conflicts, plot twists.

Little green buds popping out on branches

My silly cockatiel, Comet, and her sweet nature and company : )

What are you thankful for today? Share with us…or better – share with the ones you’re thankful for!

(Why Thankful Thursday on a writing blog? Well, when we can see the blessings in our everyday life, it puts our soul at peace, giving us the space to express creatively.)


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4 responses to “thankful thursday

  1. I’m thankful for James Scott Bell. He’s shares so much information in his books.

    I’m thankful for a working computer with a new charger and battery.

    I’m thankful that my family is healthy and well.

    I’m thankful that my husband has an interview this week after having been laid off from his job over 15 months ago.

    There’s so much to be thankful for!!!

    • Beth, I love your “thankful’s” ; )

      I can especially appreciate the job interview hope for your husband. Mine was job hunting for over a year! We are so very grateful he secured a fulltime position which acts like his own business. Sending my best for you both!

  2. Your thankfuls are lovely! =)

    I’m just thankful for God’s grace to live today, and the beautiful people He has surrounded me with in my life.

    Thank you!

    God bless,
    Taylor Beisler

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