commit to 3

As of Saturday night’s writing of this post, I have completed approximately ZERO of my 3 little goals for the week. Considering tomorrow is laundry, chores, grocery shopping day in our house, I’m expecting I’ll complete 0 more. Sigh.

How are you guys doing with this? I’m not sure if writing down my goals keeps me focused and I’m just a little rebel ignoring my to-do’s or if it’s just a constant reminder of things I’ll never get to – a guilt list. If it’s the latter – why? Don’t I respect myself and my personal goals enough to make the time to complete them? If it’s the former, what am I rebelling against? Myself? That’s absurd. Or maybe, my own happiness? Huh.

Well, zilch done should equal no pay, but as the rules say, even government officials who run the country into the ground still get a paycheck every two weeks. By this logic, I should collect my White Mocha Raspberry latte, however, I’m just not that kind of girl.





Week of April 10:

I commit to:

  1. Revising my novel’s matrix
  2. Email my students with info on the Summer Writing Studio
  3. Wake up early 3x this week to do my circuit training

Salary:  a pedicure : )

What’s on your list of 3? Any tips to kick my butt in gear? I reciprocate butt-kicking ; )


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