Commit to 3

Not only did I fall off the wagon (of my “Commit to 3”) I lost sight of the road!

But, back on track, one day at a time, right?

Commit to 3 for week of April 4

  1. Revise my Matrix to reflect the major plot /scene changes I made over the weekend
  2. Return call to parent who wants to register her daughter for Summer Studio
  3. Email my young writers w/Summer Studio details and update blog with this info
  4. Upload Carelink and print D3’s reports for dr’s appt (I know this makes 4 comitments but this must get done!)

Deadline: Sun, April 10

Salary: White Mocha Raspberry latte : ) my cousin recommended this drink

I’m curious…

What are you committing to this week?

Who or what keeps you on track and focused?



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2 responses to “Commit to 3

  1. Here are my three. One is easy because I have an appointment with a CPA.

    • Get taxes done
    • Prepare class material for art instruction
    • Keep up with grading
    (Extra: Plan a mystery evening for my teen volunteers at church)

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