We all do it. Some more often than others (guilty party here!) Lose our edge, our drive. Become content. Being content (aka “at peace”) is a beautiful thing. In certain circles.

But, if you are a writer, trying to become a published author, there are others out there who want it more than you. They are hungry and it shows. In tightly written prose, painfully descriptive scenes, pop-off-the-page characters. Their words linger in your mind, settle on your heart and resonate long after “The End.” Don’t you want that for your own career?

Be at peace with your soul, but never stop at “good enough” in your writing. Or your readers will stop reading…

“You will never be the person you can be if pressure, tension and discipline are taken out of your life.”    James G. Bilkey, Author



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4 responses to “complacency

  1. Madison Woods

    Timely post. I need to get my butt in gear, and now. Life and all the troubles therein have become an excuse, but it’s past time to get past it and get writing again. Thanks.

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