Thankful Thursday

Taking time to pause and be thankful keeps us fresh, helps pump the well of creativity by putting our mind in a peaceful place. My reasons for being grateful span many categories and change hour by hour. Think about it. This morning I was thankful to hit snooze, knowing I had a mid-day appointment and could sleep in an extra 20 minutes or so. Now that I’m up and about, I’m thankful the pile of socks have been sorted and put away. An hour from now, I may be thankful my oldest and I had a nice conversation in the car on the way to the doctor’s office.


Tonight, I may be thankful for spaghetti with meat sauce, or taquitos with Spanish rice, depending what we have for dinner – or even more, who’s cooking!


So, the little things that make my heart sing Right. Now. are:

  • That first sip of morning coffee
  • Gas in my car
  • Bad hair day camouflaged by the cute ponytail 🙂
  • Time I will spend after dinner tonight WRITING. No internet, no TV (Sorry American Idol Results show, I’ll catch you on the flip side!)
  • Hugs from my snuggly little guy as soon as he woke up 🙂 : )
  • My readers – muah!

Who or what are you thankful for this very moment?? Share!





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