Commit to 3: When you’re OVER committed

Some weeks even 3 commitments prove too many.  Last week, for instance, and this week as well. It’s all I can do to just Get. Through. The. Week.  And that is what I’ll commit to this week.

Of course, I have to go to work everyday, cook dinner on my alternating nights, make school lunches, review homework, and finally prepare my last Super Saturday class – my young writer workshops.

Other than the “norm” I’m giving myself a pass. Some weeks, that’s just what we need. Anyone else feel this way?

This week:

 I commit to:

  1. Give myself a pass
  2. Get through the week
  3. Soak up the support all around me

My Salary:  Celebrate the end of another successful 5-week young writers’ workshop series by going out for a pizza lunch with my son, David.

Due: Saturday, 2/26


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3 responses to “Commit to 3: When you’re OVER committed

  1. Enjoy your pizza. I think it’s one of the healthiest things we can teach our kids is to rest when we need to.


  2. Can understand and empathize. Whew!

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