Commit to 3

Check-in time! How did you all do on completing your top 3 goals last week?

I completed 2 out of 3, but, as promised, I still paid myself. Have my hair appointment all set for Saturday afternoon!

Are you learning anything new about yourself when setting and accomplishing goals?

With this new method of tackling only 3 things a week, I’ve learned how I can sabotage my own success. For instance, I entered a First Paragraph competition via Nathan Bransford’s blog, instead of focusing on my entry for Glimmer Train.  Eventually, I submitted my short story to G.T., but I could have avoided the extra stress. That’s what Commit to 3 is all about. Maybe you’re like me and can set goals, but have a hard time focusing on real priorities.

This week, I tried to list the 3 things that have hard and fast deadlines.  2 of the 3 apply.

This week:

My Commitment to Me
I commit to:
1._Schedule 4 dr appts, (misc. – been putting this off .. Errr)
2.__Review class notes and incorporate lesson plan changes as necc for Saturday’s class
3._Write first revised draft of diabetes essay (due 2/7) for S.W. (requested by editor!)

My due date is:
_Sun. 2/6__
My salary is:
_buy my own copy of Plot & Structure, James Bell @Borders w/ 33% off coupon combined w/ my Borders’ gift card_

Copy and paste your “Commit to 3” in the comments. Let’s keep each other accountable – but realistic. And don’t forget to Pay YOURSELF!


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  1. Great choice for a paycheck. I love that book, and bought it last year. This year I’m hoping to get the Dialogue book in the series, although it’s not by J.S.B.

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