Is today the day?

“The day you catch an idea you fall in love with, even a small one, is a beautiful day.”

~ David Lynch, Filmmaker and Television Director

Falling in love with an idea can happen in an instant. But not without some effort. Ideas are always swirling around our head like the flittering wings of butterflies, we just need to know how to recognize them and pluck them down from the sky.


How do you manifest ideas?


Here are 3 ways to find Love


  • Journal: If there is one way of discovering those little gems hiding under worry, appointments and daily monotony, it’s by writing it all down. The more you journal the closer you’ll be to uncovering an idea you can fall in love with!


  • Read: I am obsessed with YA novels: the vampire romances, the realistic storylines with snarky characters stumbling through adolescence, the raw power of youthful ideas and actions in dystopian cultures. Each book I read, I learn. I learn about developing characters. I learn about the subtlety of relationships and the way sentences are crafted to pull me into their world. I learn about the fast and slow rhythm of pacing. And I learn that I, too, can do this.


  • Watch: and wonder. Watch people in the cars idling next to you at the light. Watch kids walking home from school, their backpacks slung low, coats open despite the biting wind. Watch the old couple, their expressions, their hands, the way they speak without words. Watch T.V. Watch movies. Watch videos. Take it all in your butterfly net and let those images swirl around and marinate with your own sense of wonder. Is that mom in the minivan picking up or dropping off screaming kids – is she fantasizing about a long bath or the handsome neighbor who shovels her walk? Are those kids wearing their hearts on their sleeves or keeping it all tucked inside? Does that elderly couple still visit the bakery every Saturday morning?


Journal, Read, Watch – and then WRITE! Capture all of the ideas and maybe one will make your heart swoon.




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