5 Prompt Friday!

The return of a favorite weekly series:

5 Prompt Friday!

Borrow, steal or leave behind your own….

  1. You awake to a screaming child, however you have no children in the home.
  2. Write about the feel of cool damp soil underfoot.
  3. Your protagonist receives a text message from an old relative. What does it say?
  4. Write about an argument between two patrons in line at the pharmacy.
  5. Has your child ever recalled a nightmare for you? Write about it!



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4 responses to “5 Prompt Friday!

  1. Nicely well-rounded prompts. I especially like the screaming children in the house when there should be none. That has some definite story potential for me.

  2. Thanks, Lee! Glad you stopped by : )

  3. Enjoyed your prompts! I wish I could take a creative writing class with you. Hope you have a chance to hold some workshops. The latest scbwi magazine has a long list of local writing gatherings and conferences, if you’re interested in attending some yourself. Great blog!

  4. Wow, thanks, Anne! What a compliment *blush* I am planning to join SCBWI at the end of Feb when my 5 wk young writer workshops wrap up. I’ll keep you posted if I decide to begin an online workshop for adults. : )

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