2011: The Year of Happiness

I’m a big believer of visualizing. Attitude is everything. Where your mind goes, your energy flows. So, 2011 will be The Year of Happiness. Of course Clarity is still a focus of mine, as I believe it is a daily practice. But  for this upcoming year, I’m going to keep Happiness in the frontal lobe. Happiness can be a pumpkin spice latte on a rainy day, or reading under the covers with my little boy. Happiness can be crossing off monotonous tasks from my to-do list or just watching my boys get along.

I was inspired by this archived list from Literary Mama and decided to make my own. It’s more of a creed than a list of resolutions. Borrow some or add your own. Just make up your mind to have a GREAT 2011.

2011: The Year of Happiness


Play more board games. Print the pictures you downloaded. Make a Vision Board. Eat ice cream for breakfast. Treat yourself to a pedicure. Take a nap outdoors. Go on a scavenger hunt.  Journal about your day.


Play tag at the park. Buy or rent a tandem bike. Go to a midnight showing. Attend a high school concert. Attend a free outdoor concert. Put on your own Rockband concert. Borrow international CD’s from your library. Write a poem about rhythm.


Invite the family over for Sunday dinner. Have a water gun fight. Run through sprinklers. Walk to the grocery store. Volunteer at an animal shelter. Donate your winter coats. Throw confetti on your birthday. Have a balloon drop in the living room because it’s Thursday. Add a silly memory to a scrapbook.


Buy colorful funky knee socks in the juniors department. Paint your toenails alternating colors. Buy the shoes. Wear the skirt. Ask your mother to hand down a beloved piece of jewelry. Write about your school lunch box.


Sketch a tree without leaves. Visit the pet parade. Buy a bearded dragon. Sing with your bird. Grow vegetables in your garden. Visit the Farmer’s Market. Buy a treasured vintage article. Browse an art fair. Create a story with photos.


Wear red. Drive with the windows down. Help a frazzled mom bag her groceries. Wink at an older gentleman. Smile at strangers. Have tickle fights with your kids. Have tickle fights with your love. Cuddle with your pet. Write a sad story.


Run for a cause. Speak your mind. Sing karaoke. Play air guitar. Send thank you notes. Send a Thinking of You card to an older relative. Mail a letter to your child. Leave a seductive note for your love. Visit the museum. Fish in a river. Ride a pontoon on the lake. Write from the point of view of a raindrop.


Make snow angels. Walk barefoot in the rain. Make tie-dyed shirts on your patio. Sell lemonade on your corner. Play in the mud. Clean out your drawers. Clean out your closets. Clean out your head. Do morning yoga. Say evening prayers. Drink green tea instead of coffee. Go to bed. Write a song.


Order in. Read your journal. Listen to books. Don’t save it for later. Eat organic. Hike in the woods. Splash under a waterfall. Give back. Give up. Give away. Eat dessert first. Bake cookies for a neighbor. Bake brownies for your office. Bake a cake for a first lost tooth. Write about an old recipe.


Or Just Write. Write everyday.


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5 responses to “2011: The Year of Happiness

  1. Absolutely love this list!!!! Thank you, and have a happy new year:)

  2. Thanks, Kristine! Same to you : )

  3. Ara

    Me too. I love the list. I hope I can be happy as well this year. =) Also, I want to include in the list, to start using an eco-friendly stuff than plastic materials because it is more safe than the latter. =) A stainless steel tiffin container would be a great choice. It is easy to use, durable and reusable as well.

  4. Enjoyed your blog and positive energy so very much! Happy 2011 to you as well!

  5. thank you, anne! I hope the positive energy is contagious!!

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