Blog under Quarantine, but first – the Winner!

Thanks to all who stopped by and left comments for Sybil Baker, our guest blogger and author of Talismans. selected the winner….


Congratulations!! I’ll be emailing you for your mailing address.

On another front…

If you do not wish to be bit by the ugliest flu bug this side of the Mississippi, step away from the blog…

My family and I have put our household under quarantine for the nastiest stomach flu we’ve ever had. It might even be contagious via cyber waves – so back away, peeps and take your Vitamin C…


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One response to “Blog under Quarantine, but first – the Winner!

  1. Aw! Get well soon. Thanks for reminding me to get out my bottle of Vitamin C.
    Inspired by Sybil’s blog on short vs long writing? (I’m inspired by her travels too!) Healthy writers only–okay, that means well enough to sit in front of your computer– don’t miss the January 3 deadline for Maryland Writers Novel Contest. Anyone who attempted the NaNoWriMo has 30 pages almost ready to go, yes? If you’re sticking to short stories, there’s a Maryland Writers contest for that. Alas, I’m coordinating and can’t enter.

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