NaNoWriMo: Day who cares? Whose stupid idea was this anyway?!

 Today’s Stats (as of Nov 22, 2010)

0 Words Written Today (not true. it’s all in my head. Um, let me re-phrase that)

1667 Words to Write until 1667 (ooo, look! you can do math! we’re not impressed)

1667 Suggested Daily Word Count (I know that already!)

21638 Cumulative Word Count Total (see? I haven’t been a total slacker!) 

22 Current Day (22 days of literally abandon, I mean “literary” abandon)

 36667 Suggested Cumulative Word Count (eh, um, OK)

984 Average Words per Day (I’d like  a recount!)

 At This Rate You Will Finish On Dec 21 (Bah- humbug!)

8 Days Remaining (OK, sure – wait – what?!)

15029 Words to Write Until 36667 (*cracks knuckles* locks door* gulps coffee*)

28362 Total Words Remaining (yes, I know. STOP.Yelling. AT ME!)

3546 Words per Day to Finish on Time (baby steps….IthinkIcan IthinkIcan…now, where did my characters wander off to?)

Have you checked your Stats today?


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6 responses to “NaNoWriMo: Day who cares? Whose stupid idea was this anyway?!

  1. You’re going to hate this, but my stats are virtually right on track. I know, it’s awful when you get behind the 8 ball. I lost one day last week because of a conference at our church, but I’ve made part of that up, so I’m almost where I want to be. I wish I was where I was last year, finishing on the eve of Thanksgiving. This is not going to be the easiest week, even if I’m not behind.

    Oh, and when my computer application went south before I’d forgotten to save the 900 words I put in on Sunday night, I was ready to spit nails.

    (Yeah, and do I need to know that at this rate I’ll finish some time in December? I really hate that one.)

    • I don’t hate it, Beth. I am proud to know writers who are cruising through the month. Of course, I’m throwing virtual spitballs at you. *wink*

    • @Beth P.S. I tried to comment on your book review of the Muppets Make Puppets (via Examiner site), but my internet locked up. This is what I wanted to say: “Thank you for this review! My 6-yr-old would love to make furry friends, he’s always creating little creatures. This book is going under the tree next month : )”

  2. I have to say, bravo on the post because you’ve really captured the emotions of this contest when it comes to those hellish stats. And it doesn’t matter if you’re behind or ahead, because I’m over the required 50k, and I look at some of the counts and still beat myself up as in, “why isn’t my daily word count higher.” Sheesh!

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