Prepared or unprepared: an experiment in NaNo

In 2008 – I was severely – and I won NaNo, finished the novel at just over 50k words around 7pm CST.


In 2009 – I over prepared, sketched out character and plot outlines through, had events mapped out on postcards and the desire to write that novel (though I’m still in love with the idea and possibilities) died at about 13,000 words.

This year, I am very unprepared, though not on purpose. Yes, I know Nov. 1 comes around the same time each year and I knew it was coming around again. I’m not ready. There. I said it. Not going to stop me, though.


Let’s put it to a test: do I stand a better chance at winning NaNo being prepared or unprepared?

Stay tuned for updates…

*At the time the tone will be NaNo!!!!!!


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One response to “Prepared or unprepared: an experiment in NaNo

  1. Whatever you do, keep on typing. If you don’t know what to do, bring in an alien, a sinister stranger, or a superhero. But don’t stop!

    I think the key to finishing Nano is allowing it to be bad and not wanting it to be good. Just let it be.

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