Deep breath, Ommm

So, now that you know NaNo can bring on the freak-outs, we need to get you to a happy place.  Meditate if you must, but here are some other tips to let go of the panic and just go with the flow:


  • read a book outside your normal genre (broadens your capacity for story ideas and styles)
  • listen to music and soak up the sounds and lyrics (seeps into your creative soul)
  • review some books and blogs on personal narrative or personal essays (wide range of topics can spark a theme for your novel)
  • flip through the lifestyle and letters to editors sections of your local paper (ask what if? try to see the story from another angle – enough material to write a novel?)
  • read On Writing, by Stephen King. Just do it. It will start a fire in your belly for writing again.



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