Need a Fiction Fix?

Not as in a fix for a good read, though I do have some recommendations on fantastic YA novels I’ve recently finished. (More on this later.)

But a fix for your own fiction work. Check out Jordan E Rosenfeld’s next online class:

An 8-week course for a mere $250.

Fiction’s Magic Ingredient
8 weeks
October 18-December 6, 2010
$209 before October 8. $249 after.

This class is back by popular demand and now, parts one and two have been merged into one comprehensive 8 week class! Take your writing to the next level by deepening your understanding and practice of the magic ingredient that transforms all good writing: the scene.

In this class you’ll learn:

  • The fundamentals of strong scenes
  • How to start your story strong
  • How to make every scene plot-worthy
  • Powerful dynamics for building bold characters in every scene
  • How to use powerful images to evoke emotional/metaphoric content
  • Uses and Perils of exposition (when to “tell”)
  • Tightening Tension
  • End with a punch

…and much more!

I just completed Jordan’s 6-week course: REVISE FOR PUBLICATION and came away with solid tools for revising and developing my completed novel’s rough draft. It’s still hard work, but at least now I know I’m on the right track.

Have a class to recommend? Let us know about it!

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