Ruth Hartman, Author of “Pillow Talk,” Guest Posts

Author, Ruth Hartman, is no stranger to writing in different styles. Her first book, My Life In Mental Chains, is a memoir about her struggle with OCD. Now, she’s written Pillow Talk,  a fun romance novel with a  fantasy twist, and shares in her guest post just how she splits and merges genres.

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Guest Post written by Ruth Hartman:

Split Personality

Pillow Talk, my romance about a tooth fairy falling in love with her dentist, is my first venture into using more than one genre at a time. It didn’t even occur to me when I started writing it that that would be the case. I knew I wanted to write a romance about a tooth fairy and her dentist, but it wasn’t until I started submitting it to publishers that I had to actually classify my book. At first I slated it as Romance. I looked around some of the websites where I wanted to submit, to see what they had in different areas. I scanned through some of the paranormal ones. Nope. That didn’t seem to fit. A tooth fairy isn’t a vampire, after all. Too scary. Western? Yeehaw, I don’t think so. Horror? Yikes! Definitely not! But what about Fantasy? Hmmm. The more I looked at those qualifications, the more I realized my story indeed had a split personality. Thankfully, though, not the scary Jekyll and Hyde kind.

I love writing romance. I adore the two main characters getting to know one another better, having their ups and downs, and getting into quirky trouble along the way. Also, I insist on a happy ending. And this book was no exception. It just happens to have a little extra bite, if you will. That little extra something that sets it apart. I know this isn’t the first book about a tooth fairy. Far from it. But the fact that my heroine looks like a human sets it apart a little more. There’s no tutu or wand in her tooth fairy wardrobe. And when she falls in love with her human dentist, well, things just keep getting more interesting.

Now that I’ve written something with a foot in each genre, I can definitely see myself repeating that experience. I was able to be more creative with my character. She has a charm all her own, climbing in windows and stealing teeth and all. Using the Romance and Fantasy categories also gave me more story ideas to work with. I could intertwine the two concepts into a more interesting tale. I feel combining genres give your characters more depth.

So the next time you begin writing a story, why not change it up a little bit? Give combined genres a try. It’s not scary, I promise!

Ruth J. Hartman
Author of “My Life in Mental Chains”  

“Must Love Cats” 

“Pillow Talk”  

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4 responses to “Ruth Hartman, Author of “Pillow Talk,” Guest Posts

  1. Thanks so much for hosting me on your blog today! I’ll check in tonight after work to answer any questions or comments 🙂

  2. Interesting how books can be labeled into different genres or combined genres. There used to be a woman in my critique group who worked at Barnes and Noble and she said that some authors would be upset at where their book was placed–because they felt it was more in one genre than the other. I’ve also heard at conferences that agents are always preaching about: Where do you see your book on the bookshelves?

    Who knew this business was so complicated beyond just trying to write a good book??? 🙂

  3. I agree, Margo. When I started writing, I never dreamed there was so much more to it than just my story!

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