Teacher & Young Writers’ Week!

“It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge.”

~Albert Einstein

In honor of my Young Writers’ Summer Studio taking place this week, I’d like to devote the rest of the week to Teachers & Young Writers.

Today, I share some “best writing advice” from some of my middle grade and junior high students:

Don’t make characters over-the-top perfect, powerful or stereotypical.

~Zoe, Age 13

In order to share your ideas, let your ideas flow through your brain, through your pencil and onto your paper. If the pencil is taken way, ideas cannot be expressed.

~David, Age 11

My best writing tip was given to me in 6th grade by my LIT teacher: When we get stuck in the middle of writing something, we should write about what its going on around us. By observing this, we can incorporate daily items into even the craziest of fiction stories.

~Melissa, Grade 8

My best tip is: Don’t copy because than it is like it is not your book. Or another tip is when you’re not sure what to write you can think of your family (for non-fiction.)

~Mariah, 3rd grade

Try reading it aloud to yourself: does it sound good? Too little? Too much info? If you’re not satisfied, try a prompt.

~Fiona, 5th grade

Write about what interests you. My favorite thing in the world are horses. So, I write about horses, If you like dogs, maybe write from a dog’s point of view.

~McKinley – Grade 7

Do you or your students have some words of wisdom to share? Share here!


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