Winner and 5 prompts selected commenter number 3…

That’s you, Jan!! Congrats! And thank you to all who visited and commented yesterday during Mary Lynn Archibald’s guest post. Jan- pls send me your snail mail and Mary Lynn will send you your book! 

Be sure to check in on Monday when Kristina Springer tells about her journey of getting a 3-book deal in the ever-popular YA market : )

And, now some food for your muse…

Writing Prompts:

  1. I knew today would be different. (starter sentence)
  2. She picked at the scab until it bled. (starter sentence)
  3. Write about your most recent dream. (idea prompt)
  4. Something that terrified you as a kid. (idea prompt)
  5. How you would react if a stranger complimented your eyes. (idea prompt)

Share some of your prompts or results from the prompts above!


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    3 responses to “Winner and 5 prompts

    1. Jan Udlock

      MJ, I’m so excited! I checked your blog first thing this morning. Thank you. And thank you, Mary Lynn.

    2. Congrats! And great prompts…I think I’m going to use the scab-picking one.

    3. Check the rest of this blog out, this isn’t the only gem on here!

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