Teacher Tuesday: Tips for Writing Teachers

I decided to turn Tuesdays into the designated day when I offer tips for Creative Writing Teachers. Though, you don’ t have to be a teacher to benefit from these tips, prompts and exercises. You can be a student, a writer or a parent looking for new ways to inspire the love of writing in your home.

Weekly Themes with Writing  Skill Focus

(Originally Presented for: Downers Grove Library Young Writers’ Group)

  •  Your Biggest Adventure:  Scenes with mega action: Brave a roller coaster; compete in a stunt bike ride; experiences while on a camping/rafting trip; OR you are 50’ tall!

FOCUS:  Writing from your senses (what you feel, hear, taste, see, smell)


  • Scariest Story:  True or fantasy; nightmare or an urban legend

FOCUS:  Story pacing, building tension


  • Write Your Magical World:  Wizards, castles, witches, superheroes, shape shifters, demons, angels, fairies, aliens

FOCUS:  Metaphors and descriptive words, digging deeper


  • Nature – Friend or Foe?: You’re dropped in a thriving jungle or a grassland safari; you’re caught in a hurricane or tornado or meteor shower – how do you survive?

FOCUS:  Showing, not telling


  • The Biggest Prank:  Out of spite or just old-fashioned fun, but the prank goes terribly wrong

FOCUS:  Writing emotions, cause and effect


  • Metamorphosis:  You wake up a snake, a zebra, a tree or your pet dog (Kafka parody)

FOCUS:  Point of view


©Mary Jo Campbell

Share some of your teaching exercises and games!

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