Help for Hump Day

Mid week



Stomach churning

To Do List lingering

M  y    m  i  n  d     h  a  s    l  o  s  t    i  t  s     f  i  n  g  e  r  i  n  g

Focus blurred

Hope stirred

Deep breaths

Downward Dog

Read Blogs




Need something to tide you over to the weekend? Here are some fun posts to bring you back to center:

 Interview w/Kate Hanley, Author of The Anywhere, Anytime Chill Guide: 77 Simple Strategies for Serenity.

“…the best and worst, the quietest and loudest, the most beautiful and the ugliest things about our world and the human race.”

 What’s Your Dream?

 Unwind with the kiddies, be a FUN Parent: 


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2 responses to “Help for Hump Day

  1. janudlock

    Thank you, You made my day!

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