3 Must-Have Online Tools for Fiction Writers

Guest post: Anna Miller

It’s a good time to be a writer; what with people’s interest in reading being kindled (pun unintended) again thanks to swanky e-readers like Kindle and the iPad, you stand a better chance of selling your book and earning quite a bit if you know how to weave a compelling story. But besides your skill and creativity, there are a few tools that you could add to your arsenal to further your success:

  • Dropbox: If you’ve ever lost all your saved work because you lost your laptop or forgot to take adequate backup measures, then Dropbox is just the magic application you need. All you need to do is download this free software (you can pay a nominal amount if you need more than 2GB of storage) to your computer, save your files to a folder named Dropbox, and your data is stored online automatically. It’s cloud computing at its best because you don’t have to explicitly upload your files each time you update or change them – Dropbox does all the updating if you’re connected to the Internet. Also, you don’t have to tote around your portable storage media when you travel – all you need to do is download Dropbox to any computer you’re using, and you can access your data from the cloud using your username and password.
  • WhiteSmoke T Gen: There are times when even the best writers make mistakes in both spelling and grammar because they’re pressed for time or because they’re so caught up in the story that they neglect the basics. This tool (click the link for a free demo) allows you to check spelling and grammar in both your documents and your emails. It also includes a thesaurus that suggests alternative words based on the context (an intelligent thesaurus) and features tools to enhance your style. The only drawback is that it’s not free.
  • Google Docs: Anything from the house of Google is certainly good if you’re looking for quality, and Google Docs does not disappoint. It allows you to collaborate on projects, send story transcripts to friends, editors and reviewers for their opinions and suggested changes, make changes from anywhere as long as you have an Internet connection, share changes in real time, and store and upload documents from your notebook or PC. It’s a free application that works as long as you have a valid Gmail account, and it accepts most popular file formats including DOC, XLS, PPT, ODT, ODS, RTF and CSV.

There are various other online tools for fiction writers, but these are the ones you’ll use most often and also find most useful.


This guest post is contributed by Anna Miller, who writes on the topic of degrees online . She welcomes your comments at her email id: anna.miller009@gmail.com

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